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Unlike other influencer networks, on Hubba, you are in control. No one knows your audience better than you, Hubba gives you the tools to find the brands that resonate with your audience, and convert those conversations into business opportunities.

Grow Your Influence

Every brand you work with will solidify your presence, influence, and expertise within your industry. Using our powerful search engine, you can find these brands and connect with them proactively, or wait for them to find you.

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Thousands of brands big and small use Hubba everyday to find, connect and work with influencers. They need your audience and expertise to market their products, and you need their budgets. It's a match made in heaven.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Hubba influencer?

After you apply to Hubba's influencer program, you will be reviewed by our influencer team to ensure you meet our criteria. Either way, you will get an email from us.

How much does Hubba cost?

Hubba is FREE for influencers. Any business deal that happens as a result of Hubba is between you and the brand. We are simply the meeting place.

Who am I actually connecting with?

Most of the brands on Hubba were created by the CEO or co-founder. For larger brands, typically a VP of sales and marketing runs the Hubba account.

Can I contact retailers or other influencers?

Of course you can! In fact, many influencers find trading tips and tricks with each other is a big reason why they love Hubba. Retailers are looking for influencers too, just not as much.

How does Hubba make money? What's the catch?

We get that question a lot! Hubba charges retailers and brands that want a PRO experience. This means more advanced search and profile features. We also offer white glove support and match-making.

How big is Hubba's network?

Hubba is the fastest growing network of brands, retailers and influencers anywhere on the web. We have over 36,000 brands, 13,000 buyers/distributors, and 5,000 influencers. We add 1000s more each week.

Customer Testimonails

Since joining Hubba in 2016, we have been able to partner with some amazing travel and lifestyle brands

Two Monkeys Travel Over 300K followers
Customer Testimonails

Hubba has been a fantastic resource for me to connect with brands that I love and to create truly creative sponsored content. I love how easy it is to discover new brands, reach out, and partner!

Joanna Hawley Over 3.7M followers
Customer Testimonails

Hubba makes it easy for both brands and influencers to connect with each other and find ways to collaborate.

Laura Gontchar Over 60K followers
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