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Thousands of buyers, and distributors use Hubba every day to find the products that will become their best sellers. Use our advanced search and match-making team to find the brands you want to carry.

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Imagine going to the biggest industry trade show, every day, from the comfort of your home or office. That's exactly what Hubba is. Explore yourself using our advanced search capabilities, or use our human currated lists or machine learning recommendations.

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While you are hunting for the next future bestseller, brands will discover you on Hubba and when they do they can pitch their products for you to review. Our match-making technology will suggest you to brands that we think you will love, and our recommmendations will get better as we learn more about you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Hubba help me grow?

Thousands of brands, big and small, use Hubba everyday to connect with buyers and influencers. If you are looking to increase assortment, or to find the future bestsellers, it will become your best friend.

How can I use Hubba to find products?

Hubba is a discovery network and search engine for products. Use our search to find the product that is right for you. Once we understand what you like, we will recommend better and better ones.

Will I be flooded with product submissions?

No. We limit the brands that can submit products to keep the quality high. We also keep track of how good the submissions are and tailor volume accordingly.

After I find a product I want to buy, then what?

The next step would be to message the brand on Hubba and start a conversation. These conversations will lead to commerce, which lead to more interesting and amazing products on your shelves.

What if I am looking for a distributor?

Hubba has thousands of distributors that use the site each day to make connections with brands, and to partner with retailers selling great products.

How big is Hubba's network?

Hubba is the fastest growing network of brands, retailers and influencers anywhere on the web. We have over 36,000 brands, 11,000 retails, and 5,000 influencers. We add 1000s more each week.

Customer Testimonails

It's like a free 24 hour trade show. Hubba helps me get noticed even as a small brand.

David Sheffield is a Supplier CEO of Kronch
Customer Testimonails

I use Hubba to decide who I should carry next.

April Manring is a Buyer Founder of Be Pure Beauty
Customer Testimonails

Searching for good influencers can take a ton of time and resources. We found the best ones on Hubba in no time.

Meg Meyer is a Supplier The Bear & The Rat
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By focusing you on the information that will help you grow, Hubba saves you time.

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