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Thousands of buyers, and distributors use Hubba every day to find the products that will become their best sellers. Connect and submit your products to them.

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Imagine knowing that the head buyer of the world's largest retailer was looking at your products. Or knowing that the owner of a retail shop down the street viewed your profile three times this month. How valuable would that information be for your business?

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Thousands of influencers are waiting to connect and promote your products. Search to find the influencer that speaks to you and your niche, or wait for them to find you. Grow your business on your own terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Hubba help me grow?

Thousands of retailers, big and small, use Hubba everyday to source products for their stores. You can connect directly with retailers or wait for them to find you.

How much does it cost to work with influencers?

Finding and connecting with influencers is free on Hubba. Once you connect with a potential influencer it's up to you and them to negotiate a fee for their service. If you don't have a big budget, find an influencer that is willing to work for product!

What's the catch? I don't trust free products.

There is no catch! We can't build the largest network of brands, buyers and influencers without amazing brands like you. We do offer a paid version for brands looking for an edge but you can use and get value from Hubba for free!

How many products can I upload?

There is no limit to how many products you can load into Hubba. Some brands have 5 or 10, while others have hundreds of skus. The more you upload, the greater the chance you will get noticed.

What if I am looking for a distributor?

Hubba has thousands of distributors that use the site each day to make connections with more sellers, and to partner with more brands making great products.

How big is Hubba's network?

Hubba is the fastest growing network of brands, retailers and influencers anywhere on the web. We have over 36,000 brands, 11,000 retails, and 5,000 influencers. We add 1000s more each week.

Customer Testimonails

It's like a free 24 hour trade show. Hubba helps me get noticed even as a small brand.

David Sheffield is a Supplier CEO of Kronch
Customer Testimonails

I use Hubba to decide who I should carry next.

April Manring is a Buyer Founder of Be Pure Beauty
Customer Testimonails

Searching for good influencers can take a ton of time and resources. We found the best ones on Hubba in no time.

Meg Meyer is a Supplier The Bear & The Rat
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A 24/7 online trade show

For less than the cost of an airplane ticket, you can join the world's largest online trade show.

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Tired of waiting to be found? Use our search to find the perfect seller for your great products.

Safe and Secure

Our software uses 128 bit encryption (that's good) to keep your data safe.

Save Precious Time

By focusing you on the information that will help you grow, Hubba saves you time.

Increase wholesale orders

Hubba users find that their subscription pays for itself in less than three months.

Cloud Based

No software to install. Create your account and manage it from anywhere around the world.

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We can't promise that you will get more orders in your first month,
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